What You Should Know about Sourcing Agent China

The number of businesses that are sourcing products from China is increasing on daily basis. This is largely due to the fact that they get quality products from China at rate lower than what they will get from their respective countries. The major factor that contributes to low cost of products in China is affordability of labor. The cost of labor which is one of the key factors in production is low in China. Owing to this, Chinese manufacturers are able to deliver quality products at a lower price.

Most businesses across the globe that outsource from China hire the services of sourcing agents in China. Hiring an agent is very helpful most especially to businesses that do not have any base or outlet in China. Since they are not able to speak Chinese and they do not know the Chinese market very well, it is better for them to rely on the services of procurement China agents. If you are outsourcing in China, you should consider hiring the services of a sourcing agent. There are a number of benefits you will gain from it. free domain name appraisal . However, before you hire one, it is pertinent that you know about these agents. Knowing more about them and their activities will help you to hire a reliable one.

What Sourcing Agent China Does

A good sourcing agent China normally dedicates his time to the service of the businesses that hire them. He knows his duties and ensures that they are perfectly carried out. Sourcing agents are quite aware that they are also into business and the way the treat a client will determine whether they will get more business from the person. Secondly, if they serve a business very well, they are likely to get referral from the business. This is why they do their best in rendering quality services.

Sourcing agents China have good command of Chinese. They are able to negotiate with their suppliers and manufacturers because they can speak the language very well. list of domains If they are good in speaking and writing Chinese, it will be very difficult for them to negotiate with manufacturers because some manufacturers and suppliers in China do not speak any other language except Chinese.

Another thing that you should know about sourcing agents in China is that they are at home with the hook and cranny of different localities and states in China. So, finding manufacturer dealing on any product is no herculean task for them. They can easily locate any company in China especially within the states where they operate.

In summary, Chinese sourcing agents can be very helpful to people sourcing products from China. However, some of them have dealings with suppliers or work for suppliers and this makes it difficult to find a reliable sourcing agent China.

Sourcing in China, Low Cost Country Sourcing

Sourcing in China, Low Cost Country Sourcing

China is currently in the midst of huge growth. This growth represents a great opportunity to foreign companies trying to partake in cost optimization for their products/components. Of course with this great opportunity there is risk. The ultimate goal is to manage the risk while taking advantage of the cost down sourcing.


There is no better way to manage your procurement risk in China than to allow NingConsult to act as your sourcing agent in China. We can manage your procurement risk so that you can establish and maintain long term procurement options that meet your needs.

NingConsult and our overseas partner did a survey in 2010 which included 89 western companies and found that a whopping 91% of the companies (all considered very successful by all standards) had already been sourcing their product from LCC (low cost countries). A full one third of those polled had been outsourcing for 5 or more years.

82% of the companies polled specifically named China as the low cost country that was where they procured their products from!

How We Help You Reach Cost Optimization!

At NingConsult all of our work is based on analytical knowledge of the China market. We do not just go out blindly and make suggestions we perform several analysis to insure that you get the best possible scenario.

Here is our methodology that has been tried and true:

  • Demand Analysis
  • Supply Analysis
  • Quotation Gathering and Analysis
  • Supplier Selection
  • Supplier Audit
  • Contract Implementation/Price Negotiations
  • Project Handover

Each one of the above listed steps are imperative in a successful procurement arrangement in any low cost country but especially so in China. Thanks to the great economic growth there are plenty of suppliers here in China to choose from, but you need to be sure that the vendor you choose can meet your demands.

We are a research based sourcing agent because through constant and consistent research you can reach your business goals faster and easier!

Often times without the help of a consulting company in China that is well versed in the local market and that can easily collect the data for analysis your experience can be very likely disappointing. Cost down sourcing can only be successful after the right analysis has taken place.

As young professionals we pay attention not only to the China procurement industry but to the entire global market. We keep abreast of the trends worldwide, so you can depend on NingConsult to be on top of things.

Minimizing your risk naturally optimizes cost. NingConsult can help you take advantage of all the cost down sourcing opportunities in China while keeping your risks way down! Let NingConsult help you to achieve the success that is waiting for you in China.