Fabric & Textile

Sourcing in China  for textile and fabric products

NingConsult is the premier sourcing agent in China. China has been long known for its textile industry. China exports, towels, clothes, table cloths, bags and other merchandise made from textile. Companies from across the globe depend on Chinese manufacturers to provide them with low cost goods that are of good quality.

It sounds simple enough and like a good business choice. You buy low than sell at a profit. Of course it greatly helps to have a company that you can depend on to make sure things go as planned. Achieving your business goals is easy when you have NingConsult in your corner.

Suppliers, Export and Other Issues with Sourcing In China

Since China has grown economically and more and more people have moved away from agricultural activities and into manufacturing roles the number of suppliers is certainly ample. So ample in fact that it can be very difficult to choose which supplier can get you your clothes on time.

Every supplier has good intentions and may honestly believe that they can handle your order of 1,000 table cloths in two weeks for your big sale but if they do not produce as promised you risk losing a lot of business. You have to ask yourself can your business afford that kind of risk.

Another issue with going it alone importing goods from China is the export laws in China. Unless you speak the specific dialect of the Chinese official that will approve your export you may run into a road block getting your inventory

You can avoid most any issue by securing the services of NingConsult. NingConsult has years of experience working with trusted suppliers all across China. We know which vendors can perform as expected

The vendors know our reputation for being tough quality assurance agents that never settle for second best. We provide quality assurance checks throughout the procurement process up to the day of shipping

No matter what you are trying to procure in China NingConsult can help you procure it. From analysis to vendor selection to exporting NingConsult is there. You never have to worry about language barriers when you use NingConsult

We have 10 years of experience of sourcing in China. We are a young innovative work force that constantly studies better ways to improve our clients supply chain efficiency. We are dedicated to making your procurement experience in China an ideal one

Simple Sourcing In China.

Simple sourcing in China begins with NingConsult. Getting 100 towels or 1000 pieces of clothing when you need it using NingConsult is easy! We are the experts in procurement across China. You can depend on us to be your eyes and ears in China!

Allow us to help you increase your profits and expand your business. We are ready to assist you!