Metal Parts

Metal Parts Sourcing in China

Are you a manufacturer in need of reliable metal die casting, welding machines, stamping or casting? Have you looked to China to meet those needs? If you have not you should, if you did before and did not like what you saw than you need to let NingConsult help you look again.

The right metal working machines at the right price can be found in China. A lot of company’s worldwide have already tapped into this low cost market and have built their business or expanded their business on the exports they received from China.

No Need to Open an IPO (international procurement office) or for Other Extremes

Our unique understanding of the global market and the procurement market industry in China makes us well prepared to meet your immediate and long term outsourcing needs. We are positioned to help you easily realize your export needs and how to meet them. From supplier selection to delivery you can count on the staff at NingConsult to meet every need!

Metal parts


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