Guideline for Sourcing in China

Many countries and businesses today are sourcing in China. However, there are few guidelines that you should follow if you are looking for sourcing services in China.

Get a suitable and reliable supplier

There is the tendency for some people to choose a supplier based on the sample given to them by the supplier. Though, it is nice to get a sample from a prospective supplier, but it is not advisable for you to base your assessment of a company solely on that. This is because there is the possibility for the person that provides the sample to be an intermediary. You should therefore go the extra mile of running a background check on the China sourcing businesses that you want to deal with. It will not cost you much to get a business credit report of sourcing companies in china. The internet would have been the best option but experience has shown that some Chinese sourcing suppliers give money to be listed on the online directories.

Check the company of the China sourcing supplier that you want to hire their services. Take a look at their products and the process they are using internally. If it is not possible for you to visit the business that you will be sourcing from, you can order for capacity audit. This service can be provided by any third-party inspection business.

Get reference from your country

Besides reading the reviews of the customers of the outsourcing firm, you should go the extra mile of getting customer references from your country. Contact these clients and other people sourcing in China in your country in order to find out their own evaluation of the supplier. You should be polite and friendly in your approach to these people. Do not be annoyed if any of them does not give you the attention that you want. Some might not even tell you the truth.

Ask relevant questions

It is important that you ask the supplier relevant questions such as question concerning lab test reports, relevant certificates, experience and others. You should also ensure that the business is aware of the standard you want.

Consider the size of your order

If you are sourcing from China, you should bear in mind that sourcing companies differ in size. Large businesses normally are good for people placing large order. If your order is small and you choose such companies, you will end up spending huge amount of money. So, check the minimum order the companies accept and choose a company that suits your order.

Sourcing in China will be a nice experience for you if you can apply these tips.